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Getting Your Business Into Gear: The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Act Changes Are Now in Effect

As of right now, the new flexible working arrangements and bargaining process specified under the government’s proposed Secure Jobs, Better Pay reforms are now in effect. In other words, a key election promise of the current government regarding the entitlements of staff and workers everywhere has now become law.

This means you and your business will need to know your rights and responsibilities in order to face the new challenges presented by these changes.

Your employees may be within their legal rights to request new arrangements or request that existing arrangements be updated. Your employees may also have access to bargaining rights and processes they did not have before. Employers flying blind into this new environment may find themselves in breach of their obligations, which can mean steep financial penalties.

Eagled-eyed subscribers to this newsletter will know Performance Advantage has previously published a series of articles that cover the full range of changes proposed by the Secure Jobs, Better Pay reforms and what they would mean for employers. While we may be a bit biased here, we think they were packed full of useful tips and advice for employers, so feel free to contact us for more info on that topic.

The bottom line is that now you will need to have your policies and procedures in place and updated to ensure they reflect your current legal rights and responsibilities, as well as those of your employees.

Luckily for you, this is the sort of thing Performance Advantage does best. We provide advice and consultation services for businesses of all sizes and budgets, as well as template policy documents on our website available for purchase. These documents can also be customised to suit your needs, all you will need to do is ask us to make the changes.

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