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Employees are moving on to new roles for better pay….

New data from LinkedIn suggests Australian workers are on the move, but they’re unlikely to be following their US counterparts toward a ‘Great Resignation’ nor are they bowing out of the workforce altogether.

Instead, employees are moving on to new jobs at the fastest rate since the start of the pandemic.

Six in 10 prospective job seekers said they were primarily motivated to leave because they hadn’t seen a pay rise since the start of the pandemic with an absence of career opportunities following closely behind as a reason for leaving. The number of workers changing jobs was up 26% in October compared with the same month in 2019.

Additionally, the research revealed that men and women changed companies at the same rate, as NSW and Victoria saw restrictions ease and emerged from months of lockdowns.

The surge in job changes follows markedly low levels of employee turnover during the pandemic. Over the past two years, Australia experienced the lowest employee turnover since the ABS began tracking labour mobility.

LinkedIn’s figures also suggested job seekers could have the upper hand in negotiations, with the number of applications.


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