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Performance Advantage goal is to support small to medium business enterprises via outsourced HR by ensuring their Human Resource practices are optimised. In this way the staff team and the business have mutually beneficial arrangements and thrive. And the most important asset in a business – the employees – can be supported to be the most productive they can be.

The focus on the staff team and the structures in the business has grown from Suzanne Diprose’ experience in her earlier career in social welfare and her understanding of the basic needs of people – and these needs are melded with her Master’s in Management training are translated into strategies for the work environment. With successful implementation work teams are supported to be targeted, effective, happy, efficient, satisfied and motivated. This all leads to profitability of the business or organisation. It’s a closed loop and winning scenario for all stakeholders.

Suzanne and her team, work in a range of areas that complement each other and provide an integrated service for the review of a business from the processes, the people and financial impacts. They provide HR advice for small businesses and plug-in HR for small to medium sized businesses.

Performance Advantage, as the outsourced Human Resource Specialists will:

Save business time and money on people management

Protect and diminish the risks to the business

Support and develop internal talent and future options for the business

Support a productive and efficient workplace

Ensure compliance

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