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Parental Leave Changes as of 1 July 2023: Are You Ready?

New federal laws were passed in June 2023, which have made major alterations to the Parental Leave Scheme. Our question is: is your business ready for this?

All employers and businesses should be aware that these changes impact Parental Leave from 1st July 2023, that means this year!

In essence the changes can be listed as follows:

1.  Within 24 months of the birth or placement of their child both parents can commence Unpaid Parental Leave at any time.

2.  Flexible Parental Leave days have increased from 30 days Unpaid up to 100 days Unpaid over the 24-month period.

3.  When in the last six weeks of pregnancy the mother can take some of the above mentioned 100 days Unpaid as leave before the expected birth of their child.

4.  Employees who are married or in a de facto relationship are not restricted to only 8 weeks of Unpaid Parental Leave at the same time.

5.  Both parents can take up to 12 months Unpaid Parental Leave over the 24 months regardless of what leave the other parent takes.

6.  Both parents are allowed to request a further 12 months leave – without impacting the amount of leave other parents has available.

There has been a removal of Parental Leave restrictions for eligible (employed for 12 months or more) employee couples, who can now take Unpaid Parental Leave for 12 months and then request a further 12 months Unpaid Parental Leave, which can add up to 24 months Unpaid Parental Leave. 

This can be taken at the same time with their partner during the allowable 24 months after the child’s birth or placement.

For employers it would be wise to check your Parental Leave policies to ensure compliance from July 1st, 2023.

Performance Advantage can help you with everything you need to get up to speed. This could be just general advice about your business’ policies or an audit of your business’ existing parental leave policies.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0408897079 or at

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