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Can you dodge this bullet?

Did you know that legislation has changed and some new terms and conditions are now in place for all employees – no matter what size business or industry.

Dani, some of the biggest changes for business include:

1. PAID Family and Domestic Violence Leave

2 WEEKS paid leave PER ANNUM.

Over 15 employees – this entitlement is already in place.

Less than 15 – have a grace period until August 2023. 

2. Sexual Harassment 

Increased responsibilities of business to proactively eliminate sexual harassment which includes the requirement to put in place concrete actions of implementing a sexual harassment policy, awareness training, reporting systems and support services.


Employees have new workplace rights to share or not share information about their employment terms and conditions.

When does this come into play??? 

Too late! Some of these changes are in place now! 

What does this mean for you and your business? 

If you don’t update your employment contracts, your employee handbooks, HR policies and induction programs to reflect these changes you will be out of date with key business requirements. 

How will this impact your business? 

It will leave your business vulnerable to:

1.     Complaints, legal issues, and extra costs

2.     Attract Fair Work Australia financial penalties

3.     Unwanted lawsuits 

4.     Distraction from core business

5.     Damage to reputation and recruitment potential

6.     Decreased employee morale 

7.     Financial impacts – losses, fines/penalties, and settlements 

What actions can you take? 

Email me to get your employment terms and conditions updated, policies reviewed, Employee Handbook updated, training in place to protect your business. 

We can have you compliant within a week and you can relax!

If you would like our assistance or if you would like to discuss wage and salary audits further, you are more than welcome to contact us at or by clicking the button below.’. 

Suzanne Diprose, Director
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