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Secure Jobs, Better Pay – The Fair Work Act Legislation Amendment 2022

The passage of the Secure Jobs and Better Pay Act 2022 has led to massive changes in Industrial Relations and the relevant legislation, including (but not limited to) the Fair Work Act. It is designed to support wage growth, gender equality and improve job security for workers. 

There are many changes in the IR laws, which means additional impacts and changes for employers and how they operate their businesses. These changes will alter the status quo going forward, so it is vital to have a good grasp of what these changes will mean for you.

We have observed the following notable changes:

·  Prohibition of pay secrecy clauses in employment contracts

·  Limitations of fixed term employment contracts

·  Changes to the enterprise bargaining framework

·  Changes to flexible work requests

·  Changes to requests for extended unpaid parenting leave

·  Prohibition of sexual harassment at work

·  Psychosocial – mental health protections for workers increased

·  New at work protected attributes – breastfeeding, gender identity and intersex status.

Importantly, each of these areas of change have several different key starting dates, with some being implemented immediately and others have until December 2023 to be applied. Employers need to be across these key dates to ensure proper responses and compliance to the legislation.

This is an introductory article to alert you to the listed changes and more detailed information will follow. These articles are designed to further your understanding and grasp of exactly what the changes are and how to respond effectively to them. We look forward to sharing these changes with you. 

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