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The Importance of Workplace Happiness

Covid brought about many changes and disruptions for people, causing many to reflect on their lives, wants and working life. Work-life balance became a huge noticeable motivational factor in the work place even sparking the great resignation phenomena.  Many people left jobs, changed careers, questioned their working hours and working conditions. Happiness and peoples needs came under scrutiny with what it means to be happy and fulfilled at work and home, and how it contributes to our overall wellbeing. 

Workplace happiness is now seen as a priority by employees as people realise it affects their mental and social health with implications for their relationships and life outside of the workplace.  Workers are increasing their expectations of happiness in the workplace.

The culture of workplaces and organisations are increasingly under review and analysis by employees and potential applicants as to whether they take steps to establish, encourage and support workplace happiness.

The facts: –

  • 7 in 10 Australian workers will search for workplace happiness when conducting a job search
  • 43% of Australians have increased their expectations for workplace happiness since 2020
  • 90% of Australian believe that the workplace affects their moods after work and in the home
  • 2 in 3 Australian workers value happiness over work

So, it is easy to see that the success of any organisation or business is closely co-correlated to the cultivation and support of workplace happiness of their workers. Critically workplace happiness impacts worker productivity and the attracting and retention of good staff.

Workplace happiness means various things to different people and generations, with many varying factors to consider. Organisations also need to determine what level of workplace happiness is happening at their place before starting out on the workplace happiness road.  

Money, meaning, achievement, relationships and working conditions are all factors that can build happiness at work. For more information regarding this crucial issue and helpful strategies for your workplace contact us here at: –  

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