Case Studies

The Organic Mushroom Farm - Subscription Human Resources Service

The relationship of The Organic Mushroom Farm with Performance Advantage commenced many years ago and has changed over the years with the increased skills, knowledge and experience of the current management team. Service delivery and projects started with the basics of establishing a HR system and documentation to provide a functional platform for the company’s management and work teams.

Once established as a regular service the HR function widen from the basics towards management assessment and support, cultural assessments and internal skills development programs (for all levels of employees).  The management and cultural surveys continue to this day and offer the company a vehicle to review local management practices and revise them to ensure alignment to company goals and values.

A key process has been the development of Occupational Health and Safety procedures that are now embedded within daily operations and is managed by the work team themselves – with support and structures provided Performance Advantage when needed. The Return to Work procedures have likewise developed and are now internally implemented.

The outcome has been a development of the senior staff and management team with the result that now issues, and escalations are handled by Performance Advantage with structural and procedural responses that resolve the issue and provide tools and techniques for future implementation by local management. Management are supported, risk is controlled, and the company is protected.

Most of the work parcels are now completed off-site with on-site consultations occur to discuss matters or progress and delivery of projects (such as reports, training program delivery etc.). It is truly rewarding to view the progress and know that Performance Advantage has contributed to the development of The Organic Mushroom Farm.