Should you be paying contractors super?

Subcontractors in your business…. what you need to know.

  • Do you know about the latest information and requirements for using subcontractors in your business?
  • Do you know your new obligations?
  • Did you know that even if subcontractors submit invoices to you for work completed, they could still be an employee?

Some subcontractors may in fact be deemed as employees of your business. In this case they would be entitled to superannuation, long service leave accruals/payments, annual leave and personal leave entitlements – both now and in arrears!

  • Did you know that superannuation can apply to your subcontractors
    • Subcontractors may be entitled to superannuation payments from your business – now and in the past! They may not be employees, but superannuation payments can apply (since July 2022).
      You need to review this asap to ensure that your obligations are known and managed.

If you are unsure about how subcontractors fit into your business and if you have obligations for superannuation or other entitlements, you need to get an update now.

Don’t get stung by penalties, back payments etc. Don't let uncertainty hold you back!

For review of subcontractors working in your business, and to make sure you are protected from new claims for unpaid employee entitlements or superannuation, speak with us at Performance Advantage.
With our expertise and support, you can confidently navigate the complexities of subcontractor and employee management, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.
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